Read, Write, Inc.

Read, Write Inc. Phonics

Within the Infant department, the pupils take part in Read, Write Inc. sessions three times a week.  The children are introduced to the graphemes and phonemes (letters and sounds) necessary to become confident, independent readers and writers.  The children are regularly assessed to establish their proficiency in Phonics and grouped accordingly.  By the time they leave Class Two, most children will have successfully completed all levels of the scheme and will have a secure knowledge and understanding of essential literacy skills.  The programme of study begins in Early Years with simple Set 1 sounds, sound box activities, role play and early handwritten letter formation.  The next stage involves simple ditties, blending (Set 2) sounds and further written tasks.  As the children progress through the scheme, more complicated texts, comprehension and grammar exercises are introduced.  The complex speed sounds (Set 3) and the study of “Red Words” (words that do not follow the usual phonic rules) complete the scaffolding that supports the children in their reading and writing tasks.

At the Grantham Preparatory International School, we have witnessed superb results through the implementation of this scheme.  We have talented, expressive readers and imaginative writers who achieve outstanding results in readiness for the step up to the Junior Department.