Nursery, Pre-School, Reception Class Provision

At the Grantham Preparatory International School we use the EYFS Framework (2017) to ensure that children learn and develop and are kept healthy and safe.  It promotes teaching and learning to ensure children’s “school readiness”, and gives children the broad range of knowledge and skills that provide the right foundation for a good future progress through school and life.

The Early Years Foundation Stage Framework is statutory.  It includes:

*  Introduction to the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework

*  The learning and development requirements

*  Assessment

*  The safeguarding and welfare requirements

Every child deserves the best possible start in life and the support that enables them to fulfill their potential.  We believe that good parenting and high quality early learning  provide the foundation children with what they need to make the most of their abilities and talents as they grow up.

We use ongoing assessments through close observation to plan for each child’s learning and these observations form the basis of our assessment process.  Teachers work closely with parents to gain a clear insight into how each child is developing both inside and outside school.  Each child has an electronic learning journey which identifies how they are developing, their interests and their learning characteristics.  Parents can look on line at this learning journey and share it with their child at any time.

Each year the judgements which the Reception Teacher makes regarding each child’s development are moderated by the LEA.  For each of the 17 Early Learning Goals, which are at the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage, we are required to make a judgement whether a child is reaching the level of development expected at the end of the Reception Year, or exceeding this level or have not yet reached this level (emerging).  At the end of the Reception Year we report this to parents and the Year One Teacher.   The report covers each child’s learning characteristics alongside their level of development.

Children are eligible for the Early Years Entitlement from Lincolnshire County Council from the term following their 3rd birthday until the term after their 5th birthday.