Inspection Reports

ISI Integrated Inspection Report October 2014 – Please click on the link below to see the ISI Integrated Inspection Report, following our inspection – 30th September to 3rd October 2014.

“Throughout the school, the quality of the pupils’ achievements and learning is excellent and the school successfully meets its aim to inspire pupils to excel.”

Grantham Final 051114 6.11.2014

ISI Interim Inspection Report October 2011 – Please click on the link below to see the ISI Interim Inspection Report, following our interim inspection on 4th and 5th October 2011.

“The school successfully meets its aims to develop young people who are collaborative, communicative, enquiring, respectful and creative individuals, and to encourage them to achieve their full potential.”

Grantham Prep Final 211011.pdf

Ofsted Inspection

Whole School Ofsted Inspection – 18th September 2008
“The Grantham Preparatory School provides an outstanding quality of education.  It offers a rich learning environment where all pupils are highly valued and given the opportunity to shine, whatever their needs, talents and interests.  The school is very well led by the Headteacher, supported by the staff.  Together, they ensure an exceptionally caring and positive ethos throughout the school.”

Please click here for the full Inspection report.

Ofsted Inspection Report – September 2008

Early Years Ofsted Inspection – 12th June 2008
“The quality and standards of the nursery education are outstanding.  The quality of teaching and learning is outstanding.  Children in the setting make exceptional progress because the staff have a thorough understanding of how they learn and develop and ensure that each child’s development needs are identified and supported.”

Ofsted Inspection – November 2004

Summary of main findings:

The Grantham Preparatory School is a very successful school that has many strengths.  Much progress has been made in the last two years.  The school is efficiently managed and well led by an enthusiastic and thoughtful Headteacher.  The new owners have already made a positive impact.  Close co-operation has been established between the Directors and the Headteacher and plans are in hand for future developments.

The school is a happy, orderly community where pupils feel safe, work hard and achieve well.  Relationships at all levels are very good.  Pupils are polite and courteous and their behaviour is exemplary.  The staff is highly committed and work hard.  The high quality of a significant proportion of the teaching across a broad curriculum is a major strength of the school.  This ensures that the pupils make very good progress.