Medical Information

Medical Information
Any medical requirements in respect of special treatments or equipment must always be notified to the school in writing.  Parents have the prime responsibility for their child’s health and should provide school with information about their child’s medical condition.

Prescribed Medicine
There is no legal duty that requires the Grantham Preparatory International School to administer prescribed medicines.  However, any staff managing the administration of prescribed medicines must follow the Grantham Preparatory International School procedure for administering medicines.

Our policy indicates that those needing medication three times a day should have their medication managed at home.  If a child requires 4 doses in a day we will offer this dose between 12noon and 1pm during lunchtime.  This is to ensure that the delivery of doses is managed in an efficient manner.
If your child requires prescribed medicine to be administered during the school day, a medical permission form must be completed in the school office, medicine then should be given to the Secretary for safe keeping in a container located in the fridge if necessary in the staff kitchen or in the cupboard in the staff kitchen.  On no account must any medicines be left with a child.

Emergency contact details must be kept up to date in the school office and any changes must be made in writing to the school.

Children suffering from asthma are permitted to have an inhaler in school, which will be kept in the medicine box in the staff kitchen.