Wesley“The contribution of curricular and extra-curricula provision is excellent.  The curriculum is well matched to the age and ability range of the pupils and provides highly effective coverage of all areas of learning.”  It fulfils the school’s aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculm.

ISI Inspection September 2014

The curriculm has many exemplary elements which help to ensure that, over their time at the school, pupils make exceptionally good progress and are prepared extremely well for the next stage of their school and future lives. Pupils attain exceptionally high standards, not only in English, Mathematics and Science, but also in a range of subjects. A very high percentage of pupils are successful in gaining entry to the independent and grammar schools of their choice.

This is not only as a result of good teaching but also because they are offered the opportunity to take part in a very extensive range of specialist and extra-curricular studies, particularly in the visual and performing arts and in physical education. The high standards reached in these and other subjects are evident immediately on entering the school, where it is apparent that everyone gets a chance to shine.’