At the Grantham Preparatory International School we pride ourselves on our high expectations and have developed schemes of work which are linked to the National Curriculum, allowing our children to have the opportunity to succeed.  Our aim is to give a wide and balanced learning experience for our pupils.  Mathematics, English, Science, Music and P.E. are given prominence, with the following subjects also timetabled:



Religious Studies




Other Areas:

Dance and Drama: Drama forms part of the English curriculum and Dance is taught in P.E. lessons.  Children of all ages have the opportunity to perform in a variety of informal and more formal productions throughout the year.

Music: In addition to class music lessons, children can learn a musical instrument.  They then have the opportunity of joining an instrumental group or band run at school.  Two choirs perform regularly at concerts and in local music competitions.

Sport:  The children participate in various sporting activities.  Some of these will be part of the curriculum, while others will be after school activities.  These include football, rugby, netball, swimming, rounders, cross-country, cricket, tennis, squash, badminton and gymnastics.  The school competes in a variety of sports against local schools and in national competitions and tournaments.

Personal, Social and Health Education:  There is allocated curriculum time to cover this subject and class teachers deal with important social issues such as relationships, citizenship, bullying, aspects of growing up and good health.  These are also addressed in our regular school assemblies.

Activities and Clubs:  At The Grantham Preparatory International School we offer a wide ranging activity programme after school and in some lunch times.  These include sport, music, drama, ICT, cookery, astronomy, Spanish and chess.

Parents and the Curriculum:  The planned curriculum involves parents helping and encouraging children at home with such activities as reading, number work and the consolidation of acquired skills.

As we prepare our children for secondary school they benefit from having well qualified subject teachers to deliver the curriculum.  The children also have the opportunity to move around the school to work in different classrooms whilst remaining under the guidance of a class teacher.  There is a sharing of good practice amongst staff and many extend their subject knowledge and passions beyond the classroom through the extra curricular activities.  The children at the Grantham Preparatory International School are well prepared to embark on the next stage of their academic career with happy memories and a love for learning.  Additional support is especially provided to prepare the children for the 11+ and Common Entrance exams.